Upcoming Character Cars

Upcoming Character Cars

Originally posted on December 20th, 2016.

It looks like 2017 is going to be an awesome year for character cars.  With Marvel still going strong on both film and television and DC ramping up its game with Wonder Woman and Justice League, hopefully we’ll see this line-up expand to truly impressive heights.  Unfortunately, we don’t know many specifics on the DC or Marvel fronts right now, but with Star Wars forever etching out its trench in pop culture, we’ve got some fun stuff on the horizon.


Imperial Royal Guard – Straight from Return of the Jedi, we can actually take this one step further than “confirmed;” 2 of these have already sold on eBay from a seller in Malaysia.  At this point, I’m just waiting for them to pop up in the States (with a more reasonable shipping charge) and you can bet I’ll be adding at least 2 of these to the fray.

Imperial Royal Guard

Han Solo in Carbonite – Think about it for a moment…a car…inspired by an immovable mass…yeah I don’t really get it either.  I can get down with the whole “Star Wars universe…as cars!” but how the hell does a frozen Han fit into it?  Basically this looks like a Han Solo car (not sure if it’s the original or the Ep. VII version) covered with molten metal.  Rumor is that this will be released in a 2-pack with the existing Jabba the Hutt vehicle.

New Character Cars

Rancor – I might be most excited about this one.  Along with the previous 2, this was first revealed at the 2016 San Diego ComiCon (SDCC).  According to the back of the Stormtrooper/Death Trooper 2-pack, Rancor will be released in a 2-pack alongside Jedi Luke, who was previously only available in the Throne Room trackset.  Kinda makes that Jedi Luke car I covet a little less special, but oh well.  Fans deserve to have a version of Luke that’s not in that damn flight suit.

New Cars with Rancor

Lando – I’m not exactly sure where this concept art (and the next 3) originally came from, but it looks like a part of some presentation.  There was also something like a “vote for your favorite” slide at the end as well, but I can’t seem to find it.  It’s always difficult to translate the essence of a human into an interesting vehicle, but interesting or not, we are well overdue for some Lando representation.

Lando Drawing

Scout Trooper – Another ROTJ exclusive, this actually looks a lot like the “Disney Racers” available only at Disney parks and conceptually similar to the Hot Wheels Character Cars.  I can’t say I’m ecstatic over more cannon fodder making its way into car form, but once I grab 2 – 4 of these they’ll look great amid my army of Stormtroopers (Imperial and First Order), Battle-Damaged Stormtroopers, First Order Flametroopers, Death Troopers, and Battle-Damaged Flametroopers.  And Clone Troopers.

And Shock Troopers!

Scout Trooper

Wampa – The prequel trilogy may not be as universally beloved as the rest of the series, but I’m still left scratching my head as to why they’re choosing to do characters like the Wampa and Scout Trooper and freakin’ Carbonite Han when we’re missing huge staples like Mace, Dooku, Padme, Qui-Gon…even Jar Jar.  Gimme these folks, throw in a Kit Fisto or Sebulba if you have to, but gimme a Commander Cody, a cute lil’ elaborate Amidala-mobile, a badass purple Mace machine…hell, I think they could redeem Jar Jar just a little by making him into an amazing looking car!


Hera Syndulla – Alright alright, getting back on track, it looks like we’ve got a Hera vehicle on the way as well.  I don’t watch Rebels, but I can appreciate Hot Wheels allowing it some influence and keeping these characters relevant.  This also makes me really want a Bib Fortuna car…


“Harley Quinn GT” – There was sort of a part of a picture of this from the SDCC at one point, but I cannot find it and it’s driving me crazy!  In the display the packaging for Joker GT, Green Arrow, and Deadshot were all visible – these of course were released a short time ago along with Batgirl, who was not pictured.  Again, the cars weren’t visible, but the packaging was.  From what we could tell, Harley most closely resembled her iteration from the 90′s animated series where she was decked out in her red and black jester’s jumpsuit.

We don’t necessarily need another Harley car, especially after the uber-nice SDCC Suicide Squad special edition and the possibility of another Harley via the DC Super Hero Girls line, but it would nice for fans to have an alternative to the pricey SDCC boxset.  I wouldn’t mind having a more traditional looking Harley, though I certainly dig her updated, almost Kinderwhore look.


Finn / FN-2187 – The first, proper Finn character car was tucked away in a trackset, hidden so well that even today people don’t realize he actually exists!  I’m not wild about a trooper-clad version of Finn, but I’ll take it.

Baze Malbus – One of the new guys from Rogue One.  Again, cars based off regular ol’ humans are tough to design.

Chirrut – Another Rogue One guy.  Isn’t he the one swinging that staff around…?

Death Trooper (clean) – If you take a look at the latest 2-pack, you’ll see it labeled as “Stormtrooper” and “Death Trooper.”  This Stormtrooper is actually the battle-damaged version that used to an exclusive to an early 5-pack.  When we see a car jump from a single to a multi pack or vice versa, we often end up with a “clean” and a “damaged” version.  We’ve already seen it with the Flametrooper as well as War Machine in the Marvel series.  If you look at the Death Trooper in the 2-pack, it’s visibly scratched and scuffed, leading me to believe that the Death Trooper packaged singly might be in “prettier” condition.

Bossk – Seems like this one has been floating around forever, allegedly as half of a 2-pack featuring Boba Fett and himself.  Several months later and it still feels like little more than a rumor.  As far as supremely minor characters go, I think Bossk is a great choice, and it kinda makes sense if you consider the other ESB stuff coming soon like Lando, the Wampa, and Carbonite Han.  Personally I’d love to see some sort of multi-pack featuring all the second-tier bounty hunters: Bossk, IG-88, Dengar, 4-LOM, and Zuckuss.

Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, & Bumblebee – If we take Hot Wheels at their word, we should see these 3 eventually, as they specifically mention their intention to make character cars out of the DC Super Hero Girls.  They’ve got the potential to take it even further with other mainstays like Katana and Starfire, or by digging into existing student and/or faculty population.

Aquaman (Movie Version) – Seems logical considering the releases of Man of Steel, Armored Batman, and the movie version of Wonder Woman, though I “wonder” just how long we’ll have to wait. Regardless, almost anything has got to look better than the campy sub-on-wheels we have now… 

Well that’s all the info I got – know something I don’t?  Let me know!


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