Spotlight: Doctor Strange

Spotlight: Doctor Strange

Originally posted on December 23rd, 2016.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

“Just like Marvel’s mystical Doctor Strange, this other-worldly sports car roars down the road powered by an unseen force. It corners with a sixth sense and the body style captures the lines of the Sorcerer Supreme’s swirling Cape of Levitation.  Perched on the hood, the Eye of Agamotto sees all – so this sleek roadster can autonomously navigate at blazing speeds to anywhere in the city.”

So far, this strikes me as one of Marvel’s most beautiful character cars. I don’t know if it immediately screams “Doctor Strange!” in the way that Iron Man or Spider-Man or a few other’s so unambiguously announce themselves, but the subdued color palette augments the realism of the live-action movie. The flowing, crimson cape lends a sort of regality to the vehicle and adds to the illusion of movement and unfettered speed. I also love the slight decoration and shimmering flecks – it gives off a nice modest, magical feel without getting silly or hokey.”

Not sure if the transparent yellow “cockpit” does the job of standing in for the head, but it looks great next to the deep reds used throughout. And maybe they could’ve done a little better than a sticker for the Eye of Agamotto, but I’ll let it slide. Ultimately it’s these smooth curves and dark, glossy colors that grab my attention.

Doctor Strange debuted just over a month ago at number 36 in the Marvel collection, just one number before the numbers were abandoned completely and new packaging kicked in. I love the card’s tie-in to the live-action movie and I’m still left wondering why they didn’t bring over a few more characters! Although the vehicle was released on the heels of the November 4th movie, I have yet to see any on shelves around here. The good news is that if you want one, there are plenty on eBay (at the time of writing this) for a reasonable price!

Doctor Strange


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