DC Super Hero Girls – New Character Cars

DC Super Hero Girls – New Character Cars

Originally posted on December 19th, 2016.

DC Super Hero Girls

Word about this new line of character cars sprung up a while ago, maybe a week or two prior to the release of the DCU cars in the previous post.  I can’t remember exactly when or what exact site it was, but it was enough to keep it on my radar.  Originally pictured were Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl.  The regular toyline features these 3 plus Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Bumblebee, plus a Katana figure that’s somewhat reason.

I was excited to see a line of character cars aimed at girls, mainly because the ladies have been extremely under-represented when it comes to character cars in general.  I mean I get it; cars are “boy toys” and how many boys are going to rush over and pick out the girly car…there’s marketing and capitalism and all that shit to consider and I get it.  But Marvel and DC both have some important female characters (I guess Star Wars could be considered a bit more androcentric in this regard.)

Anyway, I was looking forward to a DC Super Hero Girls line of character cars – at leas the core 6 (Supergirl, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Bumblebee) if not the addition of Katana and possibly Starfire!

Well as you can see, my dreams haven’t quite come true yet, but I guess we’re off to a good start with Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman.  What’s the problem with these 3 you might ask?  For one, this is our 3rd Wonder Woman car.  We’ve got the “original” DCU one (which can fetch a decent price nowadays, for a car at least), the more stylized Batman v Superman version released not long ago, and now this sort of “cartoon-y” version, which actually shares its body shape with the original.  At least the colors are different.  Batgirl was a fun enough addition…except she was released in DCU form a couple of weeks later.  At least we got a completely new Supergirl though, right?  Technically yes, though the body design and colors are almost identical to the first Superman car. Let’s take a closer look at these young ladies; unfortunately, the backs do not provide us with a little “mini-bio” as with some of the character car lines.



Supergirl may be a rip off of the old Superman car, though she does tend towards the sleeker, sportier side. (We’ll spend a post doing comparisons at some point.) I love the golden “S” symbol down near the bottom of the frame and the golden interior. The colors are absolutely spot on as well, and overall, I prefer this to the older Superman model.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Although this is little more than a slight recoloring of the original Wonder Woman car, it still fits the DC Super Hero Girls theme quite well. The large translucent canopy – in red – is truly unique.



Batgirl is probably my all-around favorite of the set…even though we do end up getting another Batgirl a couple weeks later. I like the sleek, bat-like appearance that makes it feel almost like an actual Batmobile! I also think the red (orange?) hair is a nice touch, and the purple and yellow contrast nicely.

Only a few sellers have popped up with these on eBay, but strangely enough I did run across Supergirl and Wonder Woman at the Cary Barnes & Noble. Will these remain hard to find due to their unique gender-bending status? Or will shelves be flooded with them for months?

I’m gonna hold out hope that we see the other girls soon; I especially want a Poison Ivy car. Bumblebee would be a nice little DC obscurity to have in car-form as well. Harley seems like a shoe in, but keep in mind that it’d be at least the 2nd Harley and possibly even the 3rd version of her to drop! Either way I’m not complaining. I think DC Super Hero Girls is the perfect way to introduce more females into the character car world.


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