4 New DC Universe Character Cars!

4 New DC Universe Character Cars!

Originally posted on December 18th, 2016.

4 New DCU Hot Wheels Character Cars

Bear with me guys and gals, I’m trying to vaguely recreate the experience of just receiving these toys. Part of the point of this blog was to be able to hop on and make a post when I got new stuff, so I’m sort of trying to compensate, especially when it comes to the really recent stuff.

Most of Hot Wheels’ character cars series have been limited and finite: 6 Mario cars, 8 Power Rangers’ cars, 6 Spongebob, etc.  Marvel and Star Wars have been the 2 major exceptions with steady additions due in no small part to Marvel’s ubiquitous TV and cinema presence and the recent Star Wars films.  Hot Wheels’ stance towards the DCU has been a little more ambiguous.

Despite DC’s attempts to step up their feature film game and their stranglehold on the CW (DC is making a huge mistake by having their film and TV universes separate…it seems like I’ve also read that not even all the TV shows are set in the same universe…), the line of DCU character cars has remained comparatively small.  Moreover, aside from a few scattered Justice League alumni, the cars have pretty much come from Batman.

Well, 2 or 3 weeks ago, we finally got a new slew of DC cars to chew on.  i was prepared for some of it; there’s a fairly recent convention photo circulating that shows a bunch of DCU cars and among them Green Arrow, Deadshot, a new Joker, and a new Harley Quinn can be seen.  According to another source, the Joker and Harley cars were to be labeled “Joker GT” and “Harley GT” to distinguish them from previous versions.

Out of the 4, elsewhere on the web there was a solid pic of Deadshot in a package, so I started regularly searching for him on eBay.  It paid off, and I was rewarded with 4 brand new DCU character cars!  As you can see though, it wasn’t exactly the 4 I expected…



“Like Deadshot himself, this crimson assassination machine appears deadly just standing still. Fully loaded with hi-tech weaponry, including his advanced laser targeting eye and hood-mounted machine gun, this is truly a hit-car for hire. The metal-enclosed cabin, signature chest plate grille, and chrome hood louvers are proof that with Deadshot, looks can be dangerous indeed!”

The good news is that we do have Deadshot and Green Arrow.  If they’d just churn out a Cyborg (we are seriously long overdue) and Martian Manhunter we’d have a nice little Justice League team rounded out.  I take a little bit of offense to Deadshot being labeled as “the deadliest assassin in the DCU,” because that honor is supposed to go to Deathstroke who, let’s be honest, is a lot cooler. In some ways, Will Smith was both the best and the worst thing that could’ve happened to Deadshot.  Nothing wrong with the popularity bump, but let’s not forget who Deadshot really was in the DCU – an expendable, C-grade villain without much of a dedicated following.

Still, his car looks cool as hell.  Many times the characters’ weapons are tucked away or repurposed as air intakes or exhaust pipes, but Deadshot’s rifle is right there, long and strong, ready to blow shit away. And you gotta love “crimson assassination machine.”

Green Arrow

Green Arrow

“This maximum armored vehicle captures the stealthy power and hunting prowess of the vigilante archer, Green Arrow. With emerald mask windshield and golden “G” insignia, this crusading machine is powered by an electric powertrain and backup turbo six piston engine. The spearhead-shaped front end is perfect for making an “arrow-dynamic” getaway!”

The Green Arrow car is another treat, if nothing else because he’s a bit more removed from Batman.  The car itself is a little less than impressive and looks a bit like one of Hot Wheels Street Beasts in the design of an insect.  Nothing wrong with an insectoid car, but it doesn’t seem to fit Green Arrow.  Couldn’t we get some more well-pronounced arrows!!??

The Joker GT

The Joker GT

“With a psychotic grim plastered around the front of the chalk-white body and shocking green cockpit, this sinister sports car embodies Batman’s dreaded arch rival, The Joker. Its insane V8 roar strikes fear in the hearts of Gotham City citizens. The large rear intakes provide wind-cheating aerodynamic performance – guaranteeing that The Joker always has the last laugh!”

Next up is Joker GT.  I’m not sure where this “new Joker” comes from; must be something in the comic world, because it doesn’t exactly reflect Leto’s Joker from Suicide Squad.  Whatever the case, this is a much more substantial and impressive vehicle than the ol’ hotrod from before.



“Navigating the streets of Gotham City’s hip Burnside district, this agile racer is as unstoppable at catching its prey as crime-fighting Super Hero Batgirl. The sculpted body is suited up with utility belt gear. A wraparound windshield mask features bat-shaped ears that double as cooling intakes, and the stylized cape strikes fear into the hearts of evildoers everywhere!

The last of the 4 is probably the most surprising – Batgirl!  Had I been able to update this blog as I received stuff it would already be clear why.  Just a week or two before these new DCU cars popped up, we were finally treated to 3 releases from the DC Super Hero Girls line: Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl!  So within a month, we’ve got 2 Batgirls.  The body is the same on both, but the paint job is different.  This DCU Batgirl is darker and more subdued, while the other has a friendly color scheme based more on purple than black.  I can’t say I was itching for 2 Batgirls right away, but I’ll take it!

Armored Batman and Man of Steel were re-released with this new packaging as well, giving them some flavor text on their backs for the first time ever.

4 New DCU Character Cars


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