New Marvel Character Car – Elekra

New Marvel Character Car – Elekra

Originally posted on December 20th, 2016.


Hot Wheels’ release of Marvel Character Cars has been a bit sporadic during this latter half of 2016.  After many of the new and updated characters celebrating Civil War dropped, we had a slew of odd releases like Daredevil, Yellow Daredevil, and Nova.  After a bit Punisher showed up and then things sort of ground to a halt for a while.

Then we were treated to the release of Spider-Man 2099 and Green Goblin, and Marvel definitely needs more villains!  On the heels of those 2 we got (the expected but nonetheless cool) Doctor Strange alongside “Doc Ock,” more formally known as Doctor Octopus.  One thing I always liked about the Marvel and Star Wars character cars is that the series were numbered…so even if you didn’t know exactly who was coming next, you knew what number they would be, and that made it a little easier to keep an eye out for.

Sadly, Hot Wheels dropped the number scheme for Star Wars starting with the new packaging, beginning with the release of Jawa (and the re-release of several others including Leia, Chewy, red-arm 3PO, R2, Vader, probably others).  It looked like Marvel might just hang on to their numbers, with Strange at 36 and Doc Ock at 37, but this was not to be.  Out of the clear blue, right about the time I first saw the DC Super Hero Girls up for sale, I spotted Elektra…with no number and updated packaging.  Several others were re-released with new packaging as well, including The Hulk and Groot.

I’m not really sure why Elektra got the special treatment.  After all, there are so many good Marvel characters that have been skipped over, especially villains, i.e. Loki, Ronan, even smaller guys like Whiplash and Abomination.  I guess it must relate to the Daredevil TV show (which I don’t follow) since Elektra is known as a love interest for the hero.



“Prepare to be mesmerized by the dramatic asymmetry of this scarlet open-wheeled race car that embodies the allure and power of Elektra. With razor-sharp handling, this streamlined machine whips air over the flowing scarf-like roofline and moves through the streets with ninja precision. Elektra’s two gleaming sai swords direct airflow to cool the red-hot rear brake rotors.”

Not so sure what a “sai sword” is but Elektra is a good looking vehicle and another female to add to the ranks…even if she is basically a “good guy.”  The unique color is most striking.  I wouldn’t quite call it scarlet…maybe a ruddy rose or a very slight nod to a sort of wine-ish, burgundy color, but it’s definitely a red that leans ever so more slightly more towards purple than it does orange (where scarlet would be).

Anyway, it’s a little lighter (weight-wise) than I’d expect, but I love the color, love the scarf tail, love the transparent canopy extending into the hood, and most of all love those sais (sai-swords?), even if they do just redirect airflow or some shit!

If you want an Elektra of your very own (and who wouldn’t!?) she’s still pretty common on eBay for decent prices. She might disappear for a day or two but I think enough sellers have her that anyone who wants one can have one. I haven’t seen her in stores yet, but I’m sure she’ll pop up someday. Who’s next? Let me know what you think!


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