All New Carships! – Poe’s X-Wing & First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter

All New Carships! – Poe’s X-Wing & First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter

Originally posted on December 20th, 2016.

Poe's X-Wing and Special Forces TIE

Whoa!  Where was I?  These things just kinda popped up out of nowhere 2 or 3 weeks ago!  I’m glad to see the Carships line growing so fast though, I just wish Hot Wheels would focus their efforts a little better.  There’s a lot to juggle in the Star Wars Universe right now – original trilogy, prequel trilogy (getting the least attention right now), The Force Awakens, The Clone Wars (almost completely ignored in light of Rebels), Rebels, and of course Rogue One.  It’s odd that we’re backsliding so much on Episode VII while on the cusp of Rogue One, but I guess Episode VII is going to be part of a larger mythology so all this “First Order” stuff will at some point feel less like “Episode VII” and more like “sequel trilogy.”

These 2 might be my favorites so far, simply due to the sharp, metallic paint jobs. We definitely get used to that used, mildly derelict look of starships in Star Wars, and to see them so bright and shiny is a nice change of pace.

Poe's X-Wing

Poe’s X-Wing Fighter

You know, this ship has gotten an awful lot of attention for doing nothing more than sitting on the ground and getting blown the fuck up.  I dig the Halloween-y feel of the paint job, but why discard it so early on?  Whatever the case may be, this is a beautiful carship, and it’s not a straight-up repaint of the “normal” X-Wing carship or Partisan X-Wing carship – the body has slight but noticeable differences.

The X-Wing translates well into a sort of dragster and looks like an X-Wing that’s actually been transformed into a car rather than stuck atop some wheels.  The glossy paint may not have much to do with its “real life” counterpart, but it looks damn cool.

First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter

First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter

Honestly I must’ve missed this when watching Force Awakens, because I was totally unaware of this “Special Forces” TIE until I started paying attention to the Hot Wheels Starships series.  And then of course I caught on to the increased size, the red blob on the left, and the raised antenna on the right.  The carship reflects these differences adequately, as well as implementing other slight design changes to set it apart from “a TIE (carship) with a red stripe and an antenna.”

The translation of TIE fighter to car has always been a bit on the creative side but it kinda works out in the end.  The entire underside is red and the smokey, metallic, charcoal finish gives it a befitting regality over the typical TIE – but it’s worth mentioning that we haven’t yet seen a First Order TIE, just an Imperial TIE (and Vader’s Tie, and the TIE Striker).

I hate to say it, but it doesn’t look like these are making their way to shelves everywhere, at least not yet.  Hell, the U-Wing and Partisan X-Wing carships seem to be in short supply as well.  It’s almost certain that they’ll be plentiful someday, but it’s tough to gauge just when.  I mean I found Vision and Winter Solider (from Marvel) at Wal-mart 3 or 4 days before anyone had them listed on eBay.  The first wave of carships popped up about a week or two after seeing them online for the first time…then there’s guys like Spider-Man 2099 and Green Goblin who didn’t show up on shelves until a good 2 months later!  And don’t forget about the extreme cases, especially when it comes to some of the starships like Yoda’s Starfighter, the ARC Fighter, or Jabba’s Sail Barge…these things are virtually non-existent in stores despite having existed for some time and can still command hefty prices.

Will the SF TIE and Poe’s X-Wing follow such a route?  It’s impossible to say, but it has made me think twice about simply waiting for the price to drop or for them to show up in stores.  Availability of these 2 might be a little patchy on eBay at the moment, but if you stay vigilant, you should be able to snatch them up with minimal damage to your pocketbook!


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