Imaginext Blind Bag – Series 7 (Revealed!)

Imaginext Blind Bag – Series 7 (Revealed!)

Originally posted on December 26th, 2016.

This is a little bit outside of my area of collecting and a little more into the stuff my kid likes to play with but these figures definitely lend themselves well to collecting.  Periodically Imaginext releases 6 to 8 exclusive figures that can only be found in “blind bags.”  You probably see blind bags all the time in the toy department – “collect all 8″…except the bags look exactly the same!

Personally I think the strategy is really shitty but when you’ve got a kid who just can’t understand why buying something you can’t see is a recipe for disappointment, you’ve gotta get creative…get around the system…

Imaginext Series 7 (Blind Bag)

Above is what a blind bag from Series 7 looks like.  Previous series’ look pretty much the same, except of course for the figures portrayed.  Here’s the trick:  flip the bag over.  Look near the upper right corner of the back.  You should see a long-ish stream of letters and numbers imprinted into the bag.  Notice that they’re imprinted/pressed into the bag, not “written” on it.  Now it’s not this big long string we’re worried about.  Glance over to the left upper corner and you should see a 2-digit number, also imprinted into the package.  Unfortunately the picture below is a bit out of focus, but it should adequately show where the number can be found.

Blind Bag Back

These numbers differentiate between the bags!  By themselves they won’t tell you which character is in which bag, but they can stop you from buying duplicates!  If you want to know how many figures are in a given series you can buy one and look at the checklist inside, or you can just look at the front of the bag and count them.  However many different characters there are corresponds with how many different numbers can be found in the back upper left corner.

For Series 7, the numbers are 01, 03, 84, 85, 86, and 87.  Notice that these are not consecutive, but they are all different, and as long as you don’t grab any of the same number more than once, you can easily own all of them without encountering duplicates.  I’m gonna do you one better – I’m gonna tell you which ones are which!  (Keep in mind that Imaginext doesn’t give these fellas actual names, so I’m describing them the best I can.)

Mariachi Guy

01 – Mariachi / Day of the Dead Guy – Creepy lil’ Mexican musician with skull face paint and guitar accessory.


03 – “Ghostbuster” – I guess Fisher-Price doesn’t have any claim to the Ghostbusters franchise, but could it be any more obvious?  The backpack (PROTON PACK) accessory includes Ray’s trademark specs.  His gun leans a little towards the traditional side, but his other item is almost a dead ringer for Egon’s “ghost finder” detector meter thingy.


84 – Pumpkinhead – The horror-themed figures in each pack are always my personal favorite, and this time around we get a Sleepy Hollow/Headless Horseman kind of guy…except that he really does have a head.  The Jack-o-Lantern and cape fit over his existing head and his ferocity is rounded out with a nice long rapier, almost pirate-like.


85 – Alien / Mech? – I’m not sure what to call this, but it seems to be this series’ sci-fi representative.  When viewed without the upper body armor, it almost looks like there’s a smaller man (alien guy?) inside of a larger robot suit…like a mech!

Ninja Guy

86 – Ninja Guy (Sort Of?) – Not 100% sure what to call this guy…he’s obviously inspired my some sort of Oriental warrior, but doesn’t quite fit the bill for “ninja” or “samurai.”  Although he wields a naginata-like weapon, the fact that his removable jacket conceals a tattoo may suggest a more modern origin.

Disco King

87 – Disco King – There’s always a total oddball in these, and today we have this swingin’ 70′s cat.  He comes with a mirrorball (and stand), though without any actual reflective surfaces, it’s more reminiscent of the Death Star.

Did this guide help you out? Who’s your favorite? Let me know!


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