An Introduction, or a Manifesto

What you see here is the very, very beginning of something I’ve been wanting to pull off for a while.  The project is pretty simple: I want to put together an outlet for my toy collecting, cubing (solving Rubik’s Cube-like rotational puzzles), and maybe even some of my personal thoughts on music, film, and other social and/or pop culture aspects.  Basically this’ll be the very definition of a personal blog.  I don’t hope to generate millions or even thousands of views – though that’d be nice – but it would be great to develop a small following of like-minded individuals.  In the end, I just want a place to record these thoughts and happenings, for posterity if nothing else.  Believe me, I’ve considered building a 100% local “site” just to house the information in webpage form.

And that leads me to the other reason I wanted to do this, and specifically why I wanted to do this on a web-based platform instead of, say, a series of Word documents or something.  I have a fledgling but growing knowledge of CSS/HTML and while I don’t know if I’m ready to design something from scratch (besides the most rudimentary of sites), I greatly enjoy playing with and tweaking existing code and adding in my own little flourishes and design touches.  I’ve worked within a WordPress site before, and while it can be somewhat restrictive, I’m hoping (crosses fingers) that it’ll be more than adequate for me to flex my muscles, particularly considering the enormous catalog of available plugins and the very nature of WP.

To be honest, I guess I kinda already started this project…over on Tumblr.  I haven’t had a lot of experience with the platform, but it seemed customizable enough to suit my needs, and in a lot of ways it was, though it’s simply incapable of supporting the sort of site-like structure of an actual website.  Yes there are the posts and the customizable CSS and themes, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to set it up like an actual site, you know, with menus and stuff.  At some point I’d love to have fixed areas of the site that contain hard facts – like guides for collectors and stuff like that – things that don’t exactly belong in a blog post that may be more temporary and time sensitive in nature.

So with that being said, I’m gonna try to wrap this up and get started!  I’ve got to customize the site, come up with a title, and so on and so forth, and I think I’m going to take my older Tumblr posts and move them over here with an “originally posted” date prefacing each article.


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